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Mr Lim Joo Toon

20180731_100536.jpgMr Lim graduated from National University of Singapore with LLB (Hons) (Singapore). Upon graduation, he served as Assistant Registrar, Supreme Court, as Senior Assistant Registrar and District Judge, Subordinate Courts and as State Counsel, Attorney- General's Chambers for a period of 10 years.

Mr Lim was awarded a Legal Service Overseas Merit scholarship. He obtained Masters in Law from University College London (UCL), the University of London, specializing in commercial and corporate law and attaining a Mark of Merit.

He is an accredited arbitrator with substantial experience both as arbitrator and as counsel. He is on the Panel of Arbitrators under the Law Society Arbitration Scheme (LSAS). He has served as an Arbitrator on the Regional Panel of Arbitrators, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). He passed the Written Examination for the Fellowship Assessment Course 2006 conducted by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators. He is a trained mediator of LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Dispute Resolution) Australia. 

He served in a committee of the Singapore Law Society. He served in academic teaching positions with the National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management and the Board of Legal Education.

Mr Lim has a broad range of dispute resolution experience in almost all areas of the law and at all levels of the Court system. These include Company Law, Partnership and Joint Venture, Contract and Commercial Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Disciplinary Proceedings and Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Landlord and Tenant, Private International Law, Probate and Estate Disputes, Property Litigation and Tax Disputes.


The following are some of matters in which Mr Lim Joo Toon has acted:

  1. Arbitration & Mediation
  2. Commercial Law Disputes & Financial Dispute Resolution
  3. Company Law Disputes 
  4. Land & Real Estate Disputes
  5. Probate, Trust, Wills & Estate Disputes
  6. Other Disputes
        Arbitration & Mediation

    • Acting in capacity as an arbitrator with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and resolving a dispute between dentists over the amounts due to the retiring partner under the partnerships in a chain of dental clinics.
    • Acting in an international arbitration of a dispute between a local company and an overseas company in respect of an unpaid balance due for the delivery of a cargo.
    • Acting for parties in commercial disputes in proceedings at the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and in the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).
    • Acting as arbitrator under Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Law Society Arbitrator. Scheme in respect of disputes referred to arbitrator under the contracts between parties.

       Commercial Law Disputes & Financial Dispute Resolution

    • Acting for an overseas entity in an appeal from the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) concerning a joint venture dispute.
    • Acting for an airline in a dispute with a local agent who allegedly knowingly issued tickets to passengers for journeys which were not flown.
    • Advising the directors of a public listed company on the legality and regularity of certain payments by its overseas joint venture party to its counterpart.
    • Advising the directors of a public listed company on the legality and regularity of certain payments by its overseas joint venture party to its counterpart.
    • Advising the independent director of a public listed company on the legality and validity of a closed tender exercise which had been held under suspicious circumstances.
    • Acting for a hirer of a vehicle under a hire-purchase agreement in claim for the wrongful repossession of the vehicle and the damages to be awarded.
    • Acting for a contractor in an injunction application to restrain the receipt of monies under performance bond given for a construction project.
    • Acting for the employer in a dispute with its workers with regard to the proper rates of payments for work done. The matter was determined by the Commissioner of Labour and an appeal was brought to the High Court.
    • Acting for the buyer in a contract for the supply of his steel drum production line where issues of technical standards and specifications and variation of contract were raised.
    • Acting for an employee in defending a claim for breach of fiduciary duty of fidelity and the duty to account for secret profits and commissions.
    • Acting for creditors in the recovery of friendly loans where the legality of the loans was raised.
    • Acting for a General Manager of a company in a claim for commission for substantial sales generated by him, where the issue of implied term of the contract was raised.
    • Acting for a car dealer in a dispute concerning parallel importation, shipment, registration and on sale of a car.
    • Acting for a buyer of antique vases from China in a transaction which was impugned for illegality on the ground that there was evasion of customs duties.
    • Acting for customers and other third parties such as guarantors in disputes with banks and other financial institution over stocks and securities, mortgages, guarantees, pledges of fixed deposits, lien, letters of hypothecation, bills of exchange and other forms of securities.
    • Acting for a large corporation which is in dispute with its former solicitors over an exorbitant the Bill of Costs
    • Acting for a company which received monies for payment of its own invoices as well as third parties invoices and the extent to which it has to account for these monies.
    • Acting for a creditor in opposing an application by the Official Assignee for the discharge of a bankrupt.
    • Acting for an overseas Chinese in an application for a stay of Singapore proceedings until the determination of a foreign proceeding where the issue of forum non conveniens was raised. The matter went on appeal before the Court of Appeal.

     Company Law Disputes 

    • Acting for a company in resisting a claim to recover monies said to be lent to a bankrupt for the purchase of shares in the company.
    • Acting for directors and shareholders in petitions for winding up of company on a just and equitable ground based on a breakdown of mutual trust where the company was a quasi-partnership.
    • Acting for auditors of companies who faced criminal proceedings for failure to report breachers of the provisions of the Companies Act to the relevant authorities.
    • Acting for directors of companies concerning allegations of breach of fiduciary and director's duties.
    • Acting for an executive of a company accused of breaches of trust in relation to misplaced funds where the defence of honest and innocent mistake is raised.


     Land & Real Estate Disputes

    • Acting for the Management Corporation in claims against subsidiary proprietors for arrears of maintenance, sinking funds and other contributions in apartment and condominium and in disputes between subsidiary proprietors.
    • Acting for the Vendor in a claim against the Purchaser for failure on the part of the Purchaser to complete the sale & purchase of a property. The Purchaser had alleged inter alia that he was entitled not to complete on the ground that at the time of completion, fresh S & P Agreement had yet to be issued from the developer. The matter went before the Court of Appeal.
    • Acting for the Vendor in a declaration relating to a mutual exchange of various properties in Hong Kong and Singapore.
    • Acting for the Vendor of a property in resisting a claim for specific performance by the Purchaser, where the Vendor had alleged that the sale was subject to mortgagee’s consent.
    • Acting for Purchaser of a property in a claim to rescind from the purchase on the ground that the title was “bad” as there was actual and potential disputes concerning the title
    • Acting for an individual in contentious sale of property shared with the individual's sibling.
    • Acting for the son in a dispute with his mother over his share of A HDB flat in which allegation of resulting trust and advancement was raised. 

     Landlord & Tenant Disputes

    • Acting for a tenant of premises in a claim to recover overpayment of rents paid under various tenancy agreements, where issues of waiver,  limitation  period, charitable donations and rent control were raised.
    • Acting for a landlord for an order for the recovery of the possession of controlled premises on the ground of re-development and the  consequent  compensation to the tenants.
    • Acting for a tenant in respect of lease agreement where defences of misrepresentation, exemption clauses and Unfair Contract Terms Act were raised.

    Probate, Trust, Wills & Estate Disputes

    • Acting for an executor of an estate in a claim for commission and remuneration in respect of his work in the administration of the deceased’s estate.                     
    • Acting for the executor of the deceased's estate in opposing claims by creditors of the deceased who had lodged caveats against the grant of letters of administration.
    • Acting for administrators and executors in grant of letters of administration and probate.
    • Acting for siblings in disputed wills and the proper interpretation to be given to various provisions of the wills.
    • Acting for siblings in a dispute relating to the accounts, the properties and the distribution of their late mother’s estate.

    Other Disputes

    • Building & Construction Dispute 
      • Acting for contractors, employers, suppliers, architects and other professionals in a wide range of projects covering construction, building, renovation and other infrastructure works.
      • Acting for a contractor in an injunction application to restrain the receipt of monies under  performance  bond given for a construction project. 
    • Business & Regulatory Crimes
      • Defending  individuals  and corporations against allegations of international, corporate and other financial crimes. 
      • Acting for the accused in a criminal proceeding for disqualification from driving where the accused was charged with failure to renew his insurance policy after he had entered into a contract for sale of the vehicle. 
      • Acting for an individual who had been arrested by the police and was seeking permission to leave jurisdiction to attend to urgent business matters. 
      • Acting for an appeal for an accused who was  charged  with criminal intimidation of a neighbour with intent to cause alarm. 
      • Acting for a local hotel accused of harbouring illegal immigrants. 
    • Defamation 
      • Acting for plaintiffs and defendants in defamation and false information across all media, including all forms of electronic media. 
    • Employment Disputes 
      • Acting on behalf of employees and employers in cases involving payments, termination, restrictive covenants and confidential information. 
    • Insurance Disputes 
      • Acting for the insured in a fire insurance claim arising from damage to goods and premises. 
      • Acting for companies and individuals in insurance claims. 
      • Acting for companies & workmen in disputes concerning workers' compensation & repatriation. 
    • Copyright & Trademark Disputes 
      • Acting for the Plaintiff in an action for infringement of copyright in a Drawing, Table and Computer Programme. 
      • Acting for a local seafood steamboat restaurant in a trademark dispute with its competitor over the use of its name and logo. Parties went to the Singapore Mediation Centre in an attempt to resolve the situation amicably. 
      • Acting for jewellery store in the defence of alleged infringement of copyright and passing off. 
      • Acting for a furniture designer and manufacturer in a dispute concerning the copyright of a furniture. 
    • Medical & Other Professional Negligence & Discipline 
      • Acting for accountants, teachers and other professionals before respective professional bodies and disciplinary tribunals and regulatory authorities. 
      • Acting for claimants in representation and advice in a wide variety of medical negligence cases, occurring at every stage of the medical care process, including negligent prescription and administration of drugs, pre-surgery diagnosis, post-operative care and consent to treatment. 
      • Acting for tertiary educational institutions in disciplinary proceedings against their lecturers and staff for disciplinary offences. 
      • Acting for a member of a Rotary Club in a dispute concerning the proper election procedures. 
    • Tax Disputes
      • Acting and advising on all aspects of personal and corporate taxation, including tax considerations for foreign investors in foreign jurisdictions
      • Acting for a local private limited company who was allegedly liable for GST when its subsidiary sole proprietorship’s turnover exceeds $1m and obtaining a decision that no GST was payable.
      • Acting for an auditor who was sued for professional negligence for allegedly giving wrong tax advice.
      • Acting for an international company in a dispute with IRAS over income of over $20m arising from leasing of seismic equipment to its related entity and obtaining a decision that no tax was payable.