Other Civil Disputes

Copyright & Trademark Disputes

  • Acting for the Plaintiff in an action for infringement of copyright in a Drawing, Table and Computer Programme.

  • Acting for a local seafood steamboat restaurant in a trademark dispute with its competitor over the use of its name and logo. Parties went to the Singapore Mediation Centre in an attempt to resolve the situation amicably.

  • Acting for jewellery store in the defence of alleged infringement of copyright and passing off.

  • Acting for a furniture designer and manufacturer in a dispute concerning the copyright of a furniture.


  • Acting for plaintiffs and defendants in defamation and false information across all media, including all forms of electronic media.


Employment Disputes

  • Acting on behalf of employees and employers in cases involving payments, termination, restrictive covenants and confidential information.

  • Acting for the employer in a dispute with its workers with regard to the proper rates of payments for work done. The matter was determined by the Commissioner of Labour and an appeal was brought to the High Court.

  • Acting for an employee in defending a claim for breach of fiduciary duty of fidelity and the duty to account for secret profits and commissions.

  • Acting for an executive of a company accused of breaches of trust in relation to misplaced funds where the defence of honest and innocent mistake is raised.

  • Acting for a General Manager of a company in a claim for commission for substantial sales generated by him, where the issue of implied term of the contract was raised.


Insurance Disputes

  • Acting for the insured in a fire insurance claim arising from damage to goods and premises.

  • Acting for companies and individuals in insurance claims.

  • Acting for companies & workmen in disputes concerning workers' compensation & repatriation.


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